About Us

Nancy is a self-taught fused glass artist who has been experimenting with melting glass for over 40 years.  She started out with the gift of a small kiln, a few supplies and instructions, along with the encouragement- “go have fun and learn how to do this!”! 

The gift and encouragement had come from her Mom, a gifted artist, who was looking for an art form the two of them could use to produce work that was both unique and affordable. 

All these years later, Nancy still enjoys her studio work.  She has had the great fortune to have the same part-time studio assistant, for 20 years now.  They share the affections of one cat- although Willow is their 4th!

Nancy has spent her career travelling to craft shows within Ontario, selling her work while enjoying time spent with fellow artisans and their loyal following of people who appreciate quality locally made work.

Due to these unprecedented times, Nancy is embarking on a new venture- opening an online store.  She looks forward to making new connections with new customers and online friends.